Successful case // Buenos Aires Purchasing [BAC – Buenos Aires Compras]


Project with more than 100,000 worked hours


Designing, developing and implementing the Purchases and Tenders Electronic System of the Government of Buenos Aires City [SEAC – Sistema Electrónico de Adquisiciones y Contrataciones del Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires], called Buenos Aires Purchasing [BAC].

The aim of the system consisted in increasing the clarity and the citizen’s access to the buying processes of the city government, thus improving the effectiveness in the management of the government purchases, through the implementation of electronic mechanisms of selection, purchasing and tendering.



• Analysis, design, development and maintenance of the functionalities of BAC so that it can hold the purchase under the different modalities in accordance with law.
• Implementation, automated unit tests, functional and integration tests.
• Integration with other systems of the Government of Buenos Aires City, including the Management System of Electronic Documents [SADE – Sistema de Administración de Documentos Electrómicos], the Integrated Management and Financial Administration System [SIGAF – Sistema Integral de Gestión y Administración Financiera], the Integrated Collections System [SIR – Sistema Integrado de Recaudación], among others.


September 2013 – Today


NET / Spring.NET / NHibernate / SQL Server 2008



•Achievement of high standards of clarity and efficiency in the purchasing and public tendering processes.
•Promotion of equal opportunities along with a broad publicity and dissemination of all the purchasing and tendering updates, without any access restrictions.

•Ability to conduct searches in processes and/or ongoing bids simply and quickly.
•To achieve consistency of approach regarding the lists of grounds and conditions.
•Reduction in the administrative process timing.
•Reduction in operating costs and in the paper usage.