Successful case // Citi – Java and Flex training

Customized training in methodology and programming


Citibank requested professional assistance from C&S to face aspects regarding the specialization of its professionals in terms of methodologies for developing and programming Java and Flex in different projects.

The courses were to be delivered at the clients’ office and aligned with the requirements arising from the specific needs of each project.



C&S assigned a group of professionals adequately skilled to deliver different training on Java and Flex programming.
These were planned jointly taking into account the guidelines and resolutions established by Citibank, and the activities were delivered “on site” in the clients office.
The actions carried out by C&S were ruled by quality procedures and criteria established by Quality management system ISO 9001:2008.


2012 / 2017


Java / Flex



• Exclusive courses for Citibank, totally aligned with the proposed expectations and requirements.
• Exclusive focus on training about Programming Techniques Objects Oriented.

• Security that the methodologies and processes are ruled by Quality management system ISO 9001:2008.