Successful case // Critical Path – Export to Europe

Export of Android Developing services


The Italian and Spanish subsidiaries requested professional services from C&S to develop in “Android”, with the following requirements:

• Providing skilled work teams.
• Service should be provided in C&S facilities.
• The activities carried out should be ruled by quality procedures and criteria established by Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 valid in C&S.


C&S carried out the project NII SAB (Nextel Social Address Book), which is an application for Nextel with Android.
This app allows users to manage contacts from cell phones, social networks and e-mail addresses in which they have accounts, thus merging contacts smartly when there are coincidences found.
Moreover, these contacts are synchronized with central servers automatically, for that reason they can always be automatically updated, even if the user loses or changes his cell phone.
It allows users to manage contacts within “Groups”, which can be managed by the user likewise.
The networks and e-mail accounts that integrate are: Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, LinkedIn, Hi5 and Orkut.


Year 2012


Android for cell phone


• Its integration with Facebook, Orkut and Hi5 allows to upload photos and share them with other contacts.
• Besides, Nextel users can manage their contacts through a website.

• C&S showed a great development experience for cell phones (telephones and tablets), which allowed the following:
– Developing apps for Iphone and Tablets.
– Performing graphic design for cell ph