Successful Case // Government of the City of Buenos Aires – Traffic Camera Tickets


Evolving development and maintenance of the Traffic Camera Tickets System


The Government of the City of Buenos Aires [GCBA – Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires] required professional assistance from C&S to make a proposal about the evolving development and maintenance of the “Traffic Camera Tickets System”, which had to include the following criteria:

•Analysis and design of the solution.
•Codification and unit testing of the modules.
•Implementation of the solution developed in the Testing area of Siemens.
•Technical and user documentation (Help).
•Maintenance and development of enhancements and new functionalities.
•Implementation of the solution developed in the Production area of Siemens.



C&S in partnership with the Siemens Company, provided:
•Adequately competent work teams.
•Procedures under the quality criteria established by the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System.
•Java development framework, which automates development tasks common to all the applications. Therefore, it is possible to centralize the efforts on the client’s specific business rules, increase effectiveness, reduce mistakes, and reuse developed and tested code.


Year 2012


Java / Oracle 10g



•It enables to automate the photos assumptions search, the use of validations, picture-processing and the completeness of data.

•To have an application that is easily extendable to new functionalities for the sales force, providing statistical reports, collection planning and queries about the client’s debt situation.