Successful Case // Teachers Classification


Development and implementation of the Only Teachers File of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (GCBA)


Developing a system for the enforcement of Public Law 4109 on Titling and Boards of Teachers Classification and the implementation of the Only Teachers File. It was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and a large number of involved areas, with a thorough examination and analysis of the different features.

The project’s objectives include computerization of the teachers registration to the contests; automation of the teachers score’s calculation, and the management of information related to teachers, schools, positions, degrees, responsibilities, courses and hierarchy. Furthermore, the project’s goals involve allowing the teachers to see their scores in a detailed and transparent way, and, finally, generating listings for contests, public events and designations.



C&S develops a back-end and front-end web product which contains the following functionalities:

•Registration periods for incumbents, internships and substitutions.
•Automatic score calculation.
•Teachers file.
•Seniority/ Teachers situation/ Transfers/ Historical score.
•Degrees/ Courses/ Pedagogical and cultural background, among others.
•Responsibilities for positions.
•Back-end administration/ Validation / Profiles / Automatic e-mails.
•List of the Merit Order.
•Hierarchy / Areas of expertise and disciplines / Subjects.

•Interfaces with external systems.
•Usability and design for the user interface.


September 2013 – Today


PHP Symfony / MySQL / Bootstrap / JQuery



•Computerization of the registrations, which facilitates the teachers’ job.
•Clarity in the score calculation and in the lists generation.
•System with a great positive impact on the teaching and educational area of the GCBA.

•Significant improvement in the scores calculation timing.
•Clarity, speed and comfort for users.
•Cooperation in the establishment of an Only Teachers File.