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We are a technology company that provides software engineering and solutions to problems from organizations in the search of maximizing their productivity and efficiency. Our distinguishing element is the professional and creative context in which we choose to work building relationships with the clients and therefore establishing long term bonds of mutual trust.

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It all began more than 35 years ago with two people aimed at innovating in the Argentinean market of IT developments. In this way they started a successful path as anIT Consulting Services Company founded as C&S.

Along the years the C&S family started growing thanks to the values shared as a family. Values that nowadays are our north. We have learned from our clients and their needs. We acquired new skills and knowledge, we increased our capacity and we reached a higher level of professionalism and specificity.

We had the opportunity to take part in projects of growing importance for which we had to show that we were able to handle them. This meant effort for a continuous improvement but our client`s trust and positive results boosted us to make it.We have achieved our current position in this huge market thanks to our honesty, ethic, transparency, professionalism, creativity and innovation.

Nowadays we provide technological services to a growing number of clients, always with the same target: provide effective, innovative and reliable IT solutions.Knowing that we still have a lot to grow we are proud of the position we reached in the current market after 35 years and that we have achieved thanks to our strategic alliances and the people that belong to this family.



To be recognized as a company chosen by its clients because of its excellence, based on conceptual and technological innovation, the quality of services and the predictability of results in the solution implementations.


To provide IT innovative solutions based on the constant strengthening of our intellectual resources and values for our clients and collaborators.